Actor Sushant Singh Rajput makes his Entrepreneurial debut with Innsaei Ventures

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Celebrated Indian movie actor Sushant Singh Rajput in partnership with serial entrepreneur Varun Mathur, makes his entrepreneurial debut with the launch of Innsaei Ventures Pvt. Ltd. The new venture aims to bring significant socio-economic and developmental transformations through creation and massification of intellectual property powered by emerging technologies.

Innsaei will operate on four diversified verticals that include Content and Communication, Health and Holistic Wellness, Education and Learning, and Business Incubation propelled by emerging technologies from the realms of Augmented and Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. The proliferation of these emerging technologies combined by the strong body of knowledge in these verticals, that exists in India and internationally, will have a transformational impact on people’s lives.

Speaking on the launch of the new business venture, Sushant Singh Rajput, Actor & Co-Founder of Innsaei, said, “We are extremely thrilled and excited to announce the launch of Innsaei, a unique business venture that aims to promote socio-economic development through the convergence of Intellectual property and emerging technologies.

Emerging technologies are disrupting socio-cultural and economic structures at an exponential pace and this will impact key areas of education, employment, entertainment & health. This is the right time to collaborate and to create innovative solutions, that will allow at a large scale, for people to be better prepared for these disruptions and to maximise the positive potential of opportunities enabled by emergent technologies. We felt the immediate and important need to create a collaborative structure that would address this and Innsaei is a manifestation of that dream.”

“It is rare to have a movie star with this kind of depth of knowledge across such a diverse set of areas. Innsaei is the embodiment of Sushant’s thought leadership. It is a unique combination of strong intellectual property and emerging technologies that will allow us to maximise the potential of technological innovation.”

“The business will primarily focus on Content and Communication, Health and Holistic Wellness, Education and Learning and Business Incubation. We want to be the catalyst in building the ecosystem powered by emerging technologies for the future,” said Varun Mathur, Co-Founder of Innsaei Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

In an age of rapid technological innovations, Innsaei aims at supporting socio-economic development by tapping into the growing intellectual property market. It is an endeavour to maximise the potential of technological innovations and distribute its benefits to a wider set of audience.


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