Akshay Kumar to Rock 2015: Baby, Gabbar Is Back, Brothers & Singh Is Bling

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Akshay Kumar’s Movies in 2015

akshay kumar movies 2015

The Khiladi Kumar of our Bollywood film industry is ready to set a craze on the box office this year by his on and on hit performances. It may seem to be usual that Akshay Kumar is often seen doing many films throughout the year ranging from low budget to high and ordinary to hits. But this 2015 year seems totally in his favor and to set a trend in his graph as all of his 4 movies are one on one superb venture.

Where one among them Baby has already released and marked as highest grosser of the year till date, other upcoming movies are also expected to show us similar or say more authentic performance by him. After the success of Baby recently, now very soon he well start making blast on screens continuously through his new ventures one by one in the coming months. His next venture is set to be Gabbar Is Back and then Brothers and the last one being Singh Is Bling.

Akshay Kumar character in each of the movie is different and as are the stories plus genres. In Baby he played the character of a secret security official but in Gabbar Is back he will be seen portraying the role of a total action villain sort of avatar which sees inspired by the Gabbar of Sholay.

On the contrary, in Singh Is Bling he will be again seen in a comedy cum action romantic role that he played in the first installment too Singh Is Kinng which was a hit. Singh Is Bling was initially scheduled to get released on 31 July 2015 but few months back it had been postponed for 02 October 2015. The third movie Brothers which will be releasing on 14 August 2015 and hence there is not much details disclosed regarding Akshay Kumar exact character in the film.

On the totality, it can be easily concluded that this year is totally for Akshay Kumar and will add on as a golden period in his career by now. We might see some new records being taken over by him and audience nonstop craze for his films altogether.

Baby: 23 January 2015
Gabbar Is Back: 01 May 2015
Brothers: 14 August 2015
Singh Is Bling: 02 October 2015