Akshay Kumar’s movie Entertainment Funny & Humorous Dialogues

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Entertainment; Dialogues are very intelligently written

This Friday released Akshay Kumar starrer Bollywood comedy movie Entertainment is successfully entertaining audience in theatres worldwide. All the characters in the movie having its important and played the role perfectly. The best part in the movie is its Dialogues which are very new and humorous, written with very intelligence.

Audience is also saying the same as critics, that dialogues of the movie are awesome, which made them “Laugh Out Loud“. Krushna’s epic dialogues and using celebrities’ name in between creates funny and interesting environment while watching.

Calling Johnny Lever with different names like- Lulla, Jamila, Gorilla etc instead of his real name Habibulla in the movie, is also very funny.

Some Dialogues from  movie Entertainment-

Mithun Chakraborty- Arre wah! antique fan
Johnny Lever- Jee
Mithun- Yeh male hai ya female?
Johnny- Jee?
Mithun- Bajaj ka hai ya Usha ka?

Mahesh Raj- Jab main ek peg lagata hun, toh main kisi ki nahi sunta
Sonu Sood- Jab main 2 peg lagat hun, toh main apni bhi nahi sunta
Mahesh- Jab main 3 peg lagata hun, toh koi meri nahi sunta

Krushna Abhishek- Bhai yeh kutta hai ya kutti?
Akshay Kumar- Ek kaam kar, usko patthar maar..agar wo bhaga toh kutta aur agar bhagi toh kutti.

Riteish Deshmukh-  Abey khade khade tamasha hojaega yahan
Akshay Kumar- Kyun madaari hai tu?
Riteish- Main bol raha hun maine apne haath mein chooriyan nahi pehni hain.
Akshay- Kyun widhwa hai tu?
Riteish- Maar dalunga tere ko main
Akshay- Kyun villain hai tu? 

Apart from these, there are many more funny dialogues & moments in the movie which makes very entertaining movie.