Asin getting married with Rahul Sharma, Co-founder of Micromax

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The first wedding invite for Akshay Kumar

Another film actress is getting married with well known business man of India. Yes we are talking about Asin Thottumkal, who has decided to live rest of her life with Rahul Sharma, the co-founder of Micromax.

Akshay, who has worked with Asin in movies such as Khiladi 786 and Housefull 2, allegedly acquainted the on-screen character with Rahul while promoting Housefull 2. Reports propose that Asin and rahul will get married on January 23 in New Delhi. A great function will be held in Mumbai after that for the couple’s companions and associates.

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Asin shares her love story with Times of India saying that – Her love story was quite similar that with the Ghajini and they both first met in a flight where Akshay introduced her with Rahul. Both acquainted first time on that flight when they were going to promote their movie Housefull 2 and Rahul was the one behind all sponsorship.

Performing artist Akshay Kumar shared a still at Asin and Micromax prime supporter Rahul Sharma’s wedding card as he got the first wedding invitation from his ‘dear companions.’ Akshay also shared the news and posted on Twitter: Cheerful to get the first wedding card of 2 of my dearest friends – Rahul and Asin. He wished both of them best wishes and love on his behalf in his tweet on January 10, 2016.