Censor Board has shown green flag to “Doctor I Love You” without any cut

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Doctor I Love You” cleared by CBFC

doctor i love you movie

The surprise package of the year, film director Mukul Abhyankar directed Doctor I love you, cleared by censor with an A certificate without any cuts.

Censors loved the film and told director that it was like watching a Hollywood film! The film was the last film censored and cleared without any cuts before Leela Samson quit her job as the chairperson of the Central Board for Film Certification.

“I am happy that they liked the film too. The panel members came out to congratulate me and told me they were happy to see a film that had cutting edge standards in terms of the narrative and the cinema. They were also surprised to see an original story in the thriller genre coming from India,” says Abhyankar.

Doctor I Love You will release on April 3, 2015