Kabir Singh cast Shahid Kapoor & Kiara Advani turn RJ for a day with 104.8 Ishq FM

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With stellar performances and chemistry to die for, the multi-faceted actors Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani gave us some major reel-life goals this year. Having broken the box-office with their blockbuster film Kabir Singh, the duo is back again to present a unique love story.

In a special episode of 104.8 Ishq’s latest on-air and digital property Ishq Double Shots, we will see the actors narrate an unusual and captivating tale of love. The show with its engaging concept of a ‘choose-your-own ending’ and an engrossing storyline is sure to leave the audience in awe with the latest webisode!

The on-screen couple delivers a tear-jerker – One String Attached, a fictional story of the lovers, Ruh and Ansh, who are closely working with each other for a music album to be produced.

Perfectly voicing an arrogant musician Ansh, Shahid shows us how the character is slowly falling for the endearing Ruh, who is charmingly voiced by Kiara. The tale takes a dramatic turn when it is shockingly revealed that Ruh is actually married.

The actors brilliantly bringing out the emotional side of the two characters give the audience an option to choose an ending of their desire. The commendable detailing, unfolded with a much-nuanced narration, just shows us that this Bollywood duo can not only keep us hooked through their actions, but also with their refined storytelling.


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