I feel really scared while watching horror films, says Vicky Kaushal

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Last year, actor Vicky Kaushal became a national trend topic and a hero after the tremendous success of ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike‘. Now, he is coming back to the silver screen after a year to give us a horrifying experience with ‘Bhoot: Part One- The Haunted Ship’. The film is releasing on 21 February 2020. It is Directed by Bhanu Pratap Singh, produced by Dharma Productions in association with Zee Studios and will most likely have sequels coming up.

While acting for this film Vicky Kaushal had several issues and had to go through some tough moments. “I feel one day I will go on a film set and for no logical reason, I just wouldn’t know what to do when the director says ‘action’. It’s a strange and imaginary fear and I hope that it never comes to reality,” he shared about preparations for ‘Bhoot: The Haunted Ship’

When asked that, what are those things you find scary? Vicky said, “Before shooting this film, I was scared of water, but now they (makers of the film) have made me a mermaid! Apart from that, I feel scared that one fine day, I will wake up and I wouldn’t know how to act. If that happens, I wonder what I will do because I have torn up my engineering job letters!” he laughed.

Vicky Kaushal starrer ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike‘ was a huge hit last year and yet chose to do a horror film which doesn’t really work high time in India. Then why did he choose to go this way? He answered, “I signed this film during the release of ‘Raazi‘, and at that time ‘Sanju‘ was yet to release and I was yet to start shooting for ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike‘. So, it was way back.

Secondly, the quest is to keep exploring new territories as an actor. I feel as an audience and as an industry member, we are at this beautiful phase where we are all hungry for new content. We are hungry to be surprised as makers and as an audience. So, I feel that if I will not try now then when will I try? So, I am really hungry for new stuff, keeping aside my personal fears or likings, I would explore all that I can as an artist”.

Being a lead actor in a horror film it’s difficult to do the film if you don’t watch so many horror films in real life. Does Vicky like watching those movies? Yes, of course, he does. “I watch horror films very rarely. Maybe once a year I get the feeling that okay now I am grown up and I can watch a horror film. I feel really scared while watching horror films. I have watched a few in English such as Conjuring, Paranormal Activity and Annabelle. I prefer watching horror films with a set of friends, especially the ones who are even more scared than me. That gives me a little courage”, he added.

Opening up about phobia in his life, Vicky Kaushal states, “As I said before, till, before this film (Bhoot: The Haunted Ship), I had a phobia of water which has reduced quite a bit after shooting this. I swam underwater in a 25 feet deep swimming pool and I enjoyed it. But the day I can perform a Scooba diving at night, not in a swimming pool but in a sea, only that day I feel I will successfully overcome my fear of water (he laughs).”

Written by- Sameer Ahire


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