2 States Two Days Worldwide Collections Report & Tweet Reviews

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2 States: Worldwide Box Office Collection

The movie 2 States was released on 18th of April worldwide. It was screened in more than 2400 screens out of which 2000 were in India and the rest in 30 different countries. This movie is an adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s 2009 novel ‘2 States: Story of my marriage’. This is a romantic tragic movie starring Arjun kapoor and Alia Bhat. It received great capitalization on account of Good Friday.

2 States did a great job on its first day worldwide collection and here are the report for same-

Trade figure: 11.83 Cr Nett

Producer figure: 12.42 Cr Nett estimates

Overseas Trade: 1.83 Cr Nett

CountryCollection  (in Local Currency)Collection (in Rupees)
UK & Ireland£ 74,370 ~ $ 117,483₹ 75.36 Lacs
Australia$ 77,156₹ 43.43 Lacs
New Zealand$ 32,274₹ 16.70 Lacs
Total$ 226,913₹ 1.36 Crores

The budget of the film was around 36 Crores which included the printing and advertising cost. This film has the 3rd larget opening in 2014 after ‘Jai Ho’ and ‘Gunday’. We could see multiplexes doing a better work than single screen theatresin the metros. Mumbai alone have contributed to a Nett of 4-5 crores for the film.

The second day collection are supposed to touch a 12 crores nett.

So a total of 35-36 Crores nett is estimated for 2 States in the weekend. If the tradition goes on it is surely going to be a blockbuster movie of the year 2014. The reviews are amazing for the film , the audience seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Moving on to the live tweet responses we could see people finding the roles of Arjun and Alia apt. They seem to have enjoyed the chemistry between Revathy and Amrita. The cheek in lecture by Ananya on dowry could gather claps. But after that the tweets revealed that the movie lost its pace. Ronit Roy’s acting was an extension of what he did in Udaan. But amrita and Ronit were the star of the movie. People have also tweeted the movie to be dragged in some parts. But overall, it was an enjoyable movie.

Live Tweets for 2 States