21st Day: The Jungle Book Total Collection after 3 Weeks across India

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‘The Jungle Book’ Crosses 150 Cr at Indian Box Office

This month released the latest offering of Walt Disney, The Jungle Book has completed its 3 weeks journey at box office on an excellent note. The movie has showed impressive performance through out and dominated all the Bollywood movies on Indian box office. Due to heavy promotions across nation and its content, The Jungle Book has received tremendous response from audience and emerged as biggest grosser of 2016 so far by surpassing the lifetime collection record of Akshay Kumar’s Airlift. This fantasy-adventure movie badly affected the performance of Shahrukh Khan starrer biggie Fan which shows the power of content.

The Jungle Book Box Office Collection

The Jungle Book has been released on 1600 screens in India and reported excellent start. It had minted the amount of 74.08 cr in the first week, that includes 40.47 cr of weekend and 33.61 cr of weekdays. In the second week with maintained pace, it raked the business of 47.69 cr including 27.20 cr of weekend and 20.49 cr of weekdays. After the 2 weeks, total domestic collection of The Jungle Book was calculated as 121.77 cr.

In its third week, it received better than expectations and did the business of total 18.92 cr in its third weekend, that includes 3.58 cr of Friday, 6.65 cr of Saturday and 8.69 cr of Sunday. The interesting thing is, opposite one SRK’s Fan reported only 7.75 cr in its second weekend. In weekdays too it raked well and added the amount of total 11.64 cr including 3.02 cr of Monday, 3.01 cr of Tuesday, 2.94 cr of Wednesday and 2.67 cr of Thursday. After 3 weeks, total collection of The Jungle Book is recorded as 152.33 cr from Indian screens.

Box OfficeCollection (India)
Day 110.09 Cr
Day 213.51 Cr
Day 316.87 Cr
Day 47.60 Cr
Day 57.07 Cr
Day 67.97 Cr
Day 710.97 Cr
Day 88.02 Cr
Day 98.51 Cr
Day 1010.67 Cr
Day 115.09 Cr
Day 126.37 Cr
Day 135.02 Cr
Day 144.01 Cr
Day 153.58 Cr
Day 166.65 Cr
Day 178.69 Cr
Day 183.02 Cr
Day 193.01 Cr
Day 202.94 Cr
Day 212.67 Cr
Day 221.78 Cr
Day 233.53 Cr
Day 245.16 Cr
Day 251.76 Cr
Day 261.87 Cr
Day 271.71 Cr
Day 281.53 Cr
Day 290.75 Cr
Day 301.34 Cr
Day 311.52 Cr
Day 320.60 Cr
Day 330.60 Cr
Day 340.56 Cr
Day 350.65 Cr
Day 360.59 Cr
Day 370.90 Cr
Day 381.11 Cr
Day 390.49 Cr
Day 400.42 Cr
Day 410.53 Cr
Day 420.45 Cr
Day 430.34 Cr
Day 440.56 Cr
Day 450.67 Cr
Day 460.28 Cr
Day 470.25 Cr
Day 480.24 Cr
Day 490.23 Cr
Day 50 - Lifetime5.67 Cr
Total188 Cr