Action Jackson Vs Singham Returns Box Office Performance

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Action Jackson Vs Singham Returns

It is no use of telling again and again about the Ajay Devgn latest venture Action Jackson which is on everyone’s lips these days. Action Jackson being the latest action cum romantic movie starring Ajay Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha in lead roles has taken out audience attention once again. The film is being compared with his past action filled highly buzzed and hit flick Singham Returns. Yes, both Action Jackson and Singham Returns are way similar in many ways which tends the experts to compare both these flicks with each other.

Action Jackson Vs Singham Returns Box Office Performance

Both the movies are superb dose of action and it is the main highlight of both the movies and to be honest both are unique in their own ways. We saw that Singham Returns got record breaking response on box office within its first day, first weekend, first week and so on and so forth. There are expectations of similar response from the viewers towards Action Jackson too though it is really hard to collect that fame and collections for this new story as Singham Returns was already the sequel of hit film but AJ is all new concept for the viewers.

Comparing both these movies, then we find that the first weekend report of Singham Returns was very high and it will be quite difficult for AJ to record more or even same income on big screen with a new script. Total collection of this new film is being predicted to be surely around 120-130 Crores where that of Singham Returns was much higher.

It can be said that Action Jackson though is a latest film with new things but still Singham Returns has gained one of top positions which is very tough for AJ to break. Anyway it is just predictions and opinions as there are still many days to come for Action Jackson to release and it can gain more response which may affect the collection of film positively only then it can be finally judged that which in is bigger grosser – Action Jackson or Singham Returns.