Ai (I) Movie 5th Day Total Collection with Tamil & Hindi version

[Total: 2 Average: 5]

‘I’ 5th Day Public Response

I have been doing well enough for the day one of its release in all the languages released especially in Tamil. Starring Vikram and Amy Jackson in the movie as the main leads of the film, film was expected to rock the box office screens. We are not saying that the film did not give us good result but the overall performance in total 5 days cannot be said as record breaking but is fantastic.

It is a well dramatized and an action cum romantic film which has won audience hearts forms the day one of its release in all the languages whether Tamil, Telugu, Hindi or English. Yesterday the film made good business and proved itself as a successful release but today with the main weekend day this film gained more figures. Today being the 5th working day for I; it has done impressive business with high figures in its hand.

‘I’ Movie Sunday Box Office Collection

Weekend time has gone with today and the film from tomorrow will suffer from the trauma of weekdays i.e. lesser business. On fifth day income made by the movie I is around 2.5 Crores* with Hindi version and around 9.5 Crores* with Tamil. Film has raked high figures due to releasing on weekday but festival and then weekend arrived.

It has many positive points in its favor like for the instance; the star cast of the film is audience one of the favorite featuring. This made much of the viewers to go for this film to watch their favorable stars in a totally new entertainer. Secondly, film is based on action and romance – both being audience top choices for any movie. Thirdly with so good hypes and buzz before its release and worldwide launch audience expectations automatically increased from this latest film of Vikram resulting in more audience and viewers for the film.