Bang Bang 9th Day Collection- 2nd Friday Business Report

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Bang Bang 9th Day Performance

Bang Bang movie is running nicely and it has already completed its first week with excellent reports on box office. The film has done a commendable job in past 8 days and today it entered its 9th working day on big screen with second weekend commencement. Yes, Bang Bang has now interested in its second weekend i.e. 2nd Friday. Film by how has given us a fully fledged entertaining week with nice income and positive reviews from the viewers who have watched it, it seems that good word of mouth is working properly for Bang Bang movie. Clash with Haider has hurt Bang Bang also and it had lower screens than both Kick and Singham Returns, so somehow Bang Bang has not been able to break the records of these movies till now but yes it has still named some good records to its side.

Bang Bang Friday Box Office Collection

With the end of its 9th working day, Bang Bang registered decent increase in occupancy and overall income from not only domestic country but overseas screens also contributed nice part of the figures. Metro cities and north area sectors have reregistered most high response from the audience even after completion of one week of this film. This indicates that audience is enjoying the film and yet interested in watching it this second weekend. By the end of today, total 9th Day or Friday Income of Bang Bang is nearly 4.9 Crores. If film manages to keep its pace in this weekend then it might run in high profits in nearly 2 weeks journey. Bang Bang has made itself a part of highest grosser of this year as well as past years in Bollywood film industry too with its hilarious performance.