Bewakoofiyaan Public Response & Reviews on Opening Day

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Bewakoofiyaan First Day Public Response

After first day show film not only release in major cities but they response on bigger cities are also good. According to times of India movie has been launch on good number of screens which is a very positive advantage for this flick. Starring Sonam Kapoor and Ayushman Khurrana along with the established actor Rishi Kapoor, Bewakoofiyaan is now no its second day on box office race. In this article you will find first day response and reviews for this flick by audience and viewers.

Story of the flick has been consciously kept stupid to provide it a genuine humor and base how so ever in a public review more than 80 % people believe that they did not like the story of the movie that much. In the first half all the user attention is focused on the comedy but after that the story has been changed quite contradictory.

Bewakoofiyaan Opening Day Reviews by Public

As per some reliable sources, after looking to the reaction of audiences towards Bewakoofiyaan, First Morning Show of film seemed to be just as an average release. However, people have already started booking their movie tickets Online in advance. Some sources reveal that First Day First Show of the movie was of quite slow opening than the expected speed. Moreover, Bewakoofiyaan film is getting much positive reviews from people in some places whereas in few places the performance is not appreciable.

In many places, viewers after watching this flick suggest to go for the pre releases than this romantic comedy. On the ending note it could be said that Bewakoofiyaan is running decent but is quite far from becoming a large hit on box office. But still its only one and a half day passed yet so we should wait till the final figures arrive for the first weekend reports. Only then we can make any approach or deciding comment on this flick.

Still seeing the public reaction and reviews regarding Bewakoofiyaan, one thing can be surely stated that it will not be able to set any huge mark on Bollywood cash registers.