Creature 3D & Finding Fanny 7th Day Total Collection Report

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Creature 3D 1 Week Box Office Report

Many people were waiting for this movie and finally this fantastic film has released on the theatres last Friday. Yes we are talking about the latest science fiction based movie Creature 3D which has been presented in a mind blowing 3D format. Expected to make good collection on box office this film is proving the critics and audience pre release hypes about the film right as total 1 week collection of Creature 3D is quite good. This wonderful film has completed its one week journey on box office today and the figures are awesome.

Creature 3D is one of the innovative and trendy films of our Bollywood film industry as it is first science fiction movie of its kind by now. This has made audience go in crowd to watch the film resulting in overall high occupancy and income as well. Total 1 Week Income of Creature 3D is around 17.7 Crores with 7th Day Collection of 1.2 Crores.

Finding Fanny 1 Week Box Office Report

Finding Fanny on the other hand has not been able to attract audience that much as was the level of hypes and buzz about it. How so ever film has done well in overall first week journey which completed today. Finding Fanny featuring Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor has got the attention of audience quite well but it could not perform that excellent as it would have in absence of the rock solid competitor Creature 3D.

Creature 3D has resulted in overall decrease in total 1 week income of Finding Fanny yet the figures are satisfactory. Today Finding Fanny completed its first week over the big screen along with the co release and ended its 1 Week Income at nearly 28.09 Crores with 7th Day or Thursday Collection of 1.7 Crores.