Creature 3D First Day Collection Prediction- Expected Opening

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Creature 3D Expected First Day Performance

Bipasha Basu who is coming back to Bollywood with her new film Creature 3D is in media for her unique film. The film Creature 3D being one of the few science fiction movies of Bollywood film industry has brought it good hype among audience and media which may affect it in favorable way at the time of actual release. The film stars Bipasha Basu as the main lead of the film opposite debut Pakistani actor who will make his entry in Bollywood films through Creature 3D. Trailer of the movie received good public response due to its interesting content and different story. The film is slated to hit the Indian theatres tomorrow and after a good gap of promotion and buzz in the media, audience will finally enjoy this movie. The film is set for all type of audience as science fiction genre is something which all always looks out for with excitement. Till now the expected performance from Creature 3D are quite good.

Film has got many good points in its favor but there are many things which might outcome against the film. Firstly beside Bipasha there is no star powered cast in it so audience can feel drifted. Secondly film is to face high competition on box office as Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor starrer romantic suspense movie Finding Fanny is also releasing tomorrow so there will be tough race between these two films to lead on the board. Anyways, both the films are different from each other in genre and story so there Are good chances that the science fiction lovers will definitely go for Creature 3D making its expectation higher. By now the reports reveals expected first day income of Creature 3D to be nearly 5-6 Crores.