Darr At The Mall 4th Day Total Collection: Monday Box Office Report

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Darr at the Mall 4th Day Collection

Having not so popular reaction right from the promotions, this latest horror flick has not been able to fetch much good figures for the film makers by now.  Darr at the Mall has come to its first Monday i.e. its 4th day of release but the box office collections by now are still big disappointment. With releasing on less number of screens and less publicity among the media and audience, it has got very dull public response from its first day. However on its first day, it showed us little hope and ray of performing well in the coming days but with the end of the first weekend it seems that the emerging hope has also ended. Jimmy Shergil along with other star cast could not drag much audience to praise their performance or get connected to their story. It has not got good occupancy even today.

Darr at the Mall 1st Monday Business

Some of the viewers generally in cities liked the story whereas some were found completely lost about the storyline or script. Both multiplexes ad single screens were found idle in the first weekend as well as today. Even after such as good performance especially by Jimmy Shergil, there is a missing factor in the movie that led to this low response and box office collection. Business of Darr at the Mall is decreasing day by day and it is being expected that by this weekend it will shrink down to getting off from the screens may be. Fade response of audience towards Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda much hyped movie Highway has provided a little aid to Darr at the Mall in getting bit more audience for its shows. Seeing the present situation on box office, it seems the audience is the main person who is most disappointed as both the films are not that entertaining as was being expected to be. Anyways, the 4th day collection of Darr at the Mall is somewhere around 25 Lacs.

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