Dedh Ishqiya 2 Weeks Total Collection | Dedh Ishqiya 14 Days Report

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Dedh Ishqiya 2 Week Total Collection: Report

Dedh Ishqiya was sequel of successful film and that too with good star cast. But skewed content cost it dearly and after not so great start on Friday, film failed to grow big which was needed on Saturday though film jumped big on Sunday followed by steady weekdays. Dedh Ishqiya Collections were stable and steady in 2nd week also. The movie collections were not a justice to its quality. However, it managed to make a respectable collection so far. The collections were Dedh Ishqiya rose after the positive spread of word of mouth. The poor start of film has done a lot of damage to its fate at the box office which is going for a flop status. Even though Dedh Ishqiya is critically appreciated the audience seems to fall at Yaariyan more. Dedh Ishqiya is considered a better movie than its predecessor Ishqiya. Ishqiya was one of the best movies of its times.

Dedh Ishqiya 14 Days Total Business

Film suffered due to slow start at box office and despite not so bad word of mouth and stable collections on weekdays, total look dismal. Film managed only 12 Cr nett over weekend and then 19 Cr nett plus over week one which were below average for such a film. However the movie has been very slowly growing in terms of collection. Dedh Ishqiya 1st Weekend Collections were 12 Crores and this is really not up to the mark keeping in mind the quality of movie. On the Second Sunday Dedh Ishqiya grossed around 1.2 Crores. Dedh Ishqiya has been praised by Critics and audiences equally. It has not been able to prove it’s’ talent on box office however.

  • 1st Friday Collection of Dedh Ishqiya: 02.75 Cr
  • 1st Saturday Collection of Dedh Ishqiya: 03.75 Cr
  • 1st Sunday Collection of Dedh Ishqiya: 04.90 Cr
  • 1st Monday Collection of Dedh Ishqiya: 01.90 Cr
  • 1st Tuesday Collection of Dedh Ishqiya: 02.85 Cr
  • 1st Wednesday Collection of Dedh Ishqiya: 01.90 Cr
  • 1st Thursday Collection of Dedh Ishqiya: 01.60 Cr
  • 2nd Friday Collection of Dedh Ishqiya: 00.90 Cr
  • 2nd Saturday Collection of Dedh Ishqiya: 01.20 Cr
  • 2nd Sunday Collection of Dedh Ishqiya: 01.90 Cr

2 Week Total Collections of Dedh Ishqiya movie is around 30 Crores. 



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