Dekh Tamasha Dekh First Day Collection- Opening Day Box Office Report

[Total: 1 Average: 3]

1st Day Performance of Dekh Tamasha Dekh

With a tough competition and low promotions, latest comedy film Dekh Tamasha Dekh released on box office today. The film is a total comedy genre casting the great comedian actor Satish Kaushik in the lead role. Story of the film is good and quite funny especially the character played by Satish Kaushik has been has been appreciated enough by the audience. He is one of the renowned personalities of Bollywood film industry that is why the comedy lovers went to watch this film even after big release 2 States. But still film could not match up with the expected level of performance and most of the audience was snatched aside by 2 States. Low budget and fewer promotions along with non youthful star cast have resulted as a setback for the film. It opened to an average occupancy with below average performance and audience response. Being a political satire with Satish in the pivoted role the story revolves around the real story of a common Indian who lives under the pressure of the corrupt and bad Indian political environment.

Opening Day Business of Dekh Tamasha Dekh

Peeping out on the figures recorded and the audience response on its opening day the box office earnings of the film shows that it is going to be a flop movie or at least too average release. It seems very difficult for the film to gross its budget incurred on it. First day box office collection of Dekh Tamasha Dekh was recorded at 2.7 Crores (Expected) showing the big drop and audience negligence for the film. As this Friday 3 movies has released on box   office named Dekh Tamasha Dekh, Lucky Kabootar and 2 States, out of the three if we rank the film according to their box office collections then we would start with 2 States on the top after that Lucky Kabootar and then Dekh Tamasha Dekh at the least position. It has competition with only Lucky Kabootar as 2 States is far away from the race comparing hr figures of all the three releases. This weekend may prove to be little hope for the film as audience might go for watching the film along with their families and friends due to a family entertainer and decent script.