Dilwale vs Bajirao Mastani Box Office Collection Report of India

[Total: 13 Average: 3]

‘Dilwale’ surpassed by ‘Bajirao Mastani’

Around 3 weeks before we experienced one of the most hyped and awaited battle between the two films namely ‘Dilwale’ and ‘Bajirao Mastani’ which both released on same day. Both the films were high on audience expectations but Dilwale was expected to be the winner of this battle, which hasn’t actually happened. Shahrukh Khan-Kajol-Varun Dhawan-Kriti Sanon starrer Dilwale and Ranveer Singh-Deepika Padukone-Priyanka Chopra starrer Bajirao Mastani have finished their third weekend at the box office.

dilwale vs bajirao mastani 18 december

On the third weekend, Dilwale has collected lesser than Bajirao Mastani and is also behind in the total race by a close margin. Dilwale that started off brilliantly in first weekend could not keep hold on the box office for second and now beginning of third weekend. Bajirao Mastani’s collections have improved a lot in second as well as third weekend.

If we talk about both films from collection point of view then shockingly Dilwale is surpassed by Bajirao Mastani. As total box office collection of Bajirao Mastani is more than Dilwale collection till date so it is clear that it is the leading one among the two. Slow & steady wins the race, Bajirao Mastani has proved this. The magnum opus Bajirao Mastani has dominated the biggie Dilwale on Indian box office.

Dilwale started on an excellent note due to pre-release hype but later Bajirao Mastani diverted major portion of audience toward itself. Talking about only the collection in India the figures are near but still Bajirao Mastani is leading the score board as follows:

Box OfficeDilwaleBajirao Mastani
Day 121 Cr12.80 Cr
Day 220.09 Cr15.52 Cr
Day 324 Cr18.45 Cr
Day 410.09 Cr10.25 Cr
Day 59.42 Cr9.40 Cr
Day 68.79 Cr9.21 Cr
Day 79.26 Cr10.52 Cr
Day 88.11 Cr12.25 Cr
Day 96 Cr10.30 Cr
Day 107.12 Cr11.75 Cr
Day 112.70 Cr5.60 Cr
Day 123.12 Cr5.40 Cr
Day 133.13 Cr5.05 Cr
Day 142.38 Cr5.35 Cr
Day 153.41 Cr7.50 Cr
Day 161.90 Cr6 Cr
Day 172.40 Cr7 Cr
Day 181.13 Cr2.30 Cr
Day 191.02 Cr2.20 Cr
Day 200.83 Cr2.05 Cr
Day 210.78 Cr2 Cr
Day 220.41 Cr*1.40 Cr
Day 230.45 Cr*2.35 Cr
Day 240.48 Cr*2.70 Cr
Day 250.20 Cr*0.98 Cr
Day 260.17 Cr*0.95 Cr
Day 270.15 Cr*0.77 Cr
Day 280.18 Cr*0.96 Cr
Day 29-0.80 Cr
Day 30-1.05 Cr
Day 31-1.30 Cr
Day 32 - Lifetime--
Total148.72 Cr*184.16 Cr*


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