Dolly Ki Doli 4th Day Collection- Monday Business Report

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1st Monday Performance of Dolly Ki Doli

Dolly Ki Doli is a romantic cum comedy Bollywood movie starring Sonam Kapoor in female lead role. The movie is full of drama and full focus on her with 3 heroes whom she cons. The movie hasn’t been getting satisfying response at all due to high competition. Movie’s everyday grossing is getting down by some percent either due to Baby which is its best competitor and bit due to public low response towards the film.

During the first weekend of the movie the box office collection was noted to quite low and now with Monday reported lower response. Now it is fourth working day for the film and there are not big expectations from it today.

Dolly Ki Doli 4th Day Box Office Collection

Being first weekday, audience responses have fallen down for the film today. Also it is seen that every movie is likely to reduce its response and business on business days so we cannot expect a high rise in the collections till the next weekend arrives. On its fourth day, Dolly Ki Doli has collected all over 4.54 Crores*. The movie seems to get much lengthy when it could have been cut down. The story gets boring time to time. At few instances you can’t resist get up from the seat and have walk outside for Baby.

This ultimately created a bad effect on the movie. Dolly Ki Doli was ambitious project which has not received much of big applauds however only Sonam can’t be blamed for the fate of movie. The word of mouth has proved to be not much favorable for the film and is expected to go more down till the weekend arrives.