Entertainment 19th Day Total Collection at Box Office

[Total: 19 Average: 2.3]

Entertainment 19th Day Public Response

The latest comedy flick of Akshay Kumar named Entertainment has done a good job on the big screen and been successful in entertaining the audience everywhere. This totally comedy based genre along with tadka of romance in it has been loved by most of the viewers and they fully enjoyed the flick along with the kids and families. Entertainment was released 19 days back on box office on 8 August 2014. The film was in good list of the audience and highly supported by the public before its release and even the after release performance of this flick is very positive. If we talk about only the entertainment quotient of the film – comedy, then the film is fully fledged enjoyable but talking on the basis of sense, logic and proper screenplay then Entertainment is dull and loud as per some of the viewers. On the totality the film has earned good name and response from the audience. Today being the 19th day of this film it has reported good figures on box office.

Entertainment Movie 3rd Tuesday Income Report

We have seen many comedy films earlier too gut now of the main reason behind the success of Entertainment is that audiences have loved the part played by Dog and the dramatization of the film around the animal. This gave the film a special and different tinge than the usual comedy flicks. The day of today has brought nice income for the film in spite f a weekday the film did well on box office today. With audience favorable support today the total 19th Day Income of Entertainment is around 0.32 Crore.

The film has done nice in its around 3 week journey at box office and now facing falls by each day.