Entertainment 4th Day (Monday) Collection Report

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Entertainment Movie 4th Day Response

The latest comedy flick Entertainment is doing good performance on the big screen nowadays. The film was released this Friday on 8 August 2014 and due to festive time it received much advantage in form of increased audience and occupancy in the theatres and multiplexes. The film is basically a comedy genre and is very justifying in that. As per the reviews of the critics and audience Entertainment is a complete joy ride that lives up to its title and make the viewers go out and laugh loud getting entertained. The film has many bizarre, outrageous and too funny jokes & punches in it that serves the purpose of the film best. Also the supportive characters like Johnny Lever and Krushna Abhishek have fully added maximum spice to the film. With such a positive approach of the viewers Entertainment opened up good on its fourth day of release too. After having good audience impact in the first weekend the film managed to do a decent business on its first Monday also.

Entertainment Monday Box Office Collection

Even after being a weekday, Entertainment started off pretty well today and earned nice income by the end of the day. Total 4th day or Monday box office collection of Entertainment today stands at nearly 7 Crores. This is a satisfactory amount considering the ridiculous story line in a sense that it is a no brainer script; which is no new for the film makers Sajid-Farhad. We have already seen their earlier films like Golmaal series, Dhamaal etc which were all beyond mind stories. But due to high entertainment and comedy factor in all these movies, Entertainment has also survived well managed to get good appreciation. The film is expected to face a fall in the coming days due to weekdays but overall performance will be good enough to make it a profitable release.