Entertainment 6th Day (Wednesday) Box Office Collection Report

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Entertainment Movie 6th Day Response & Income

Earlier titled as Its Entertainment, the latest comedy movie Entertainment has banged the box office with its entry on last Friday. The film was released on 8 August and has been doing extremely well form the very first day of release. Entertainment is an on and on comedy genre along with dose of romance and humor in it. Being released on huge number of screens all over the places; it has managed to make good income in the total journey on big screen by now. The movie has shown us a positive performance comparing with the public expectations.

Entertainment has entered its 6th day of release today and the day being a weekday i.e. Wednesday saw a considerable drop in its income and occupancy as well over past days or early weekend. Today the film opened very well in multiplexes and even the single screens went mind blowing in most of the cities.

Total income report of Entertainment till today is very commendable and the film made a total of around 4.12 Crores business on its 6th day of release i.e. Wednesday Income. Now the total collection of Entertainment at Box Office in India is 52.94 Cr. Public has loved the movie for its ultimate comedy which is thoroughly filled throughout the story, great humor and all the characters. Everyone including the kids, youth and families have enjoyed the film and praised it.

Though many critics gave negative or not so supportive or fantastic review for Entertainment but the audience positive & favorable response towards it and the good income by now has proved that it is ultimately the entertainment factor in a film that makes it a success or failure and not what the critics analyze on the basis of facts and points. Still both are important in their own way for every film.

Also new movies getting released next Friday, performance of Entertainment may fall less or more depending on the coming films. Till then it has the box office alone to run and win audience heart and response as much as it can.

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