Filmistaan 5th Day Collection- Fifth Day (Tuesday) Box Office Report

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Filmistaan Fifth Day Box Office Response

The current Bollywood release Filmistaan is doing good business in India and has been welcomed by the audience nicely. Bollywood continues to magnetize not just Indians, but Pakistanis too — an aspect that FILMISTAAN integrates in its plot with remarkable ease and honesty.  In retrospect, Filmistaan may appear as yet another film that looks at the popularity of Hindi films in the neighboring country, but scratch the surface and you realize that it highlights the bonding between an Indian and a Pakistani wonderfully, communicating strong signals of love, friendship and brotherhood between the two nationalities. FILMISTAAN is one of those rare a Hindi film that juxtaposes drama, humor and emotions seamlessly, an absorbing plotline is spread out splendidly into a 2-hour film. In its 5 days journey at box office, it has done very good job in entertaining the audience and masses all over the country. Filmistaan opened well on its 5th working day and by the end of the day it collected decent figures in its account.

Filmistaan 1st Tuesday Box Office Collection

The only time Filmistaan falters is during the middle of the second hour, when a couple of episodes seem stretched, but these are passing clouds in an otherwise sunshine film. The penultimate moments, again, leave you mesmerized at the turn of events and you wonder will the protagonist escape alive? Will he cross over to India? Anyhow audience has loved the content and performances by the star cast which could be seen in form of decent box office collection on its 5th working day of 56 Lacs. On the whole, Filmistaan walks the tightrope between offbeat and commercial with gusto. This is a massively entertaining film; a film that shouldn’t be missed at all.

Friday Collection- 51 Lacs
Saturday Collection- 1.04 Cr
Sunday Collection- 1.26 Cr
Monday Collection- 54 Lacs

4 Days Total- 3.35 Cr