Finding Fanny 5th Day Collection- Tuesday Income Report

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Finding Fanny 5th Day Performance

Despite of the big competition on the big screen from the latest science fiction thriller Creature 3D, the romantic suspense filler Finding Fanny is also running smoothly over the box office. This film hit the theatres after a long waiting period and finally after its release it has won the heart of audience up to a level. Finding Fanny is totally different from other co release and that is the reason why audience felt excitement to watch it. On one hand where Creature 3D is a sci-fi movie on the other hand Finding Fanny displays the location of Goa set in the life of 5 friends in a trip finding their friend Fanny. The whole film is centered on this thing and keeps the audience excited throughout the film to know the truth. Audience craze for the film has resulted in favor of the film with decent business on its second weekday i.e. Tuesday.

Finding Fanny Tuesday Collection

Finding Fanny is coming out as a good entertainer and especially in metro cities. Though nowadays its income have come down with considerable fall due to off weekend time but still the figures are good. In its 5 days time, film has got good numbers in its account with good occupancy and positive audience approach towards it. Finding Fanny with public favorable star power and high promotional value is doing impressive performance. Tuesday or fifth Day Collection of Finding Fanny is around 2.07 Crores. This Deepika and Arjun starrer movie with interesting chemistry has attracted many viewers and still ahs got more to do in the coming days of the week especially the coming weekend. Let’s wait for the week to end and then see whether Finding Fanny has impressed us or disappointed.