Finding Fanny First (1st) Day Collection- Box Office Opening Report

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Finding Fanny First Day Performance

Latest Bollywood movie Finding Fanny has finally released in the theatres today on 12 September 2014. Audience was waiting long for this film getting released and now when it ahs finally hit the screens then everyone is excited to know how the film has performed today. It is first day of release for Finding Fanny today and the film has opened quite well. With so many previously released Bollywood films, Finding Fanny doesn’t look like anything we have seen on celluloid ever before. Set in the entire location of Goa, the film describes the story of 5 friends and their voyage to search for Fanny. One thing that in one way attracted the film and on the other side distracted them is its language i.e. the film Finding Fanny has been made in Hindi and English to comfort both audiences in India and abroad. And on the good note public has liked this film and showed nice interest in it today being the first day its release.

Finding Fanny Opening Day Collection

If we look at the story line, it’s completely new from what we have seen this year. Also the chemistry and the romantic tinge involved in it are quite different and sweltering between the two leads. Due to the release of another awaited Bollywood movie Creature 3D starring Bipasha Basu has released today and has in a way affected the performance of Finding Fanny. Anyhow this romantic cum suspense filled satirical film has managed to make its place on the basis of first day and the total First Day Collection of Finding Fanny is around 5.1 Crores. Film is expected to see more profits in the coming days due to the weekend time.

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