Fourth (4th) Day Collection of Midsummer Midnight Mumbai

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4th Day Box Office Performance of M3 Midsummer Midnight Mumbai

After experiencing so many low budget flop movies this month especially last week, now there are again two flicks that have joined the list. Both the latest releases namely The XposeM3 Midsummer Midnight Mumbai have shown the performance like washouts and audience has neglected these films right from the first weekend. Both the films have been based taking in common the locality of Mumbai however the story of both flicks is totally different. The movie M3 Midsummer Midnight Mumbai is also just terrible. It did not provide any entertainment instead it makes the audiences run from their seats in the middle of the movie.

Monday Collection Report of M3 Midsummer Midnight Mumbai

It is a big disappointment that Bollywood movies this month have not been able to satisfy the Indian audience and most of them have been listed in washouts of this year. One by one more low budget movies are releasing every week and wasting the time and money of the viewers. With such negative reviews from the audience and unfavorable response till today, 4th day box office collection of M3 Midsummer Midnight Mumbai stands at 0.56 Crore. So on totality the film remained a disappointing release and as was the other release M3 Midsummer Midnight Mumbai.