Fourth Day Collection of Khamoshiyan & Hawaizaada at Box Office

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Khamoshiyan & Hawaizaada 4th Day Response

We all know that last Friday we had three latest films that hit the box office same day. All the movies are low budget and not much waited. The most publicized and promoted movie among these three are Hawaizaada and Khamoshiyan which released with mixed reviews and response and after it comes another movie Rahasya which got neglected totally. Where on one hand Hawaizaada is a better choice and star powered movie due to presence of many popular names in it but still lost the response of the audience to high level and remained low today also.

The other release Khamoshiyan which is a suspense thriller has given an average performance right from the first day. It has done ordinary business today and remained just as an average option against Baby.

Both the movies could not do much on screens but are anyhow running with some occupancy and income in their hand.

Khamoshiyan & Hawaizaada Monday Collection

Being a thriller movie there was bit occupancy for the Khamoshiyan outside the theatres today and people liked the film in some places however most among the audience found it just a non connective story or only a youth based film. On the contrary there was no rush for Hawaizaada in spite of promotions and more star powered star cast. Where Khamoshiyan collected only 1.33 Crore on fourth working day, Hawaizaada showed as expected lower performance and managed somehow to earn 0.33 Crore*.

These two films have not been much able to attract the audience and hold them in the cinema halls through their story or performances in spite of good level of buzz before their release and collected only low figures on 4th day of their release. These weekdays might prove negative to their business and take them off from their speed till next weekend arrives.