Haider 9th Day Collection- 2nd Friday Business Report

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Haider 2nd Friday Performance

Last weekend witnessed the clash between two big films of the year. We are talking about Vishal Bharadwaj’s Haider which was one of the eagerly awaited last films in his Bard-inspired trilogy after the first two popular Maqbool and Omkara and the other being Siddharth Anand’s snazzy action entertainer Bang Bang starring Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif in the main lead roles. Haider locked horns with Bang Bang and it looks as if the film has been defeated in the race. If we peep into the pre release audience response then both Haider and Bang Bang were riding high on the buzz & hypes but when it came to the actual performance then Haider lagged behind in both figures and response for the viewers. Due to release of Bang Bang on the same day, Shahid Kapoor’s Haider had to face the tough competition and resultantly it could not make any impressive earning.

Haider 9th Day Box Office Collection

Film was based on the William Shakespeare’s novel Hamlet that is adapted to set in Kashmir and Shahid has done a fabulous job in Haider. Everyone enjoyed him watching in a unique and different avatar but despite of all this appreciation, movie could not make any remarkable income till date. Only it did reported nice first weekend business and now the same expectations are being rising due to commencement of second week from today. Today being second Friday for Haider, it opened with little growth and decent occupancy in the cinema halls. Total 2nd Friday or 9th Day Collection of Haider is around 1.83 Crores. If Haider does a good job in this weekend then it will cover its cost and earn some good profit finally.