Hercules 1 Week Total Collection in India at Box Office

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Hercules First Week Box Office Performance

We have seen that every now and then a new Hollywood movie is introduced in India as the people here have a great taste for the Hollywood Science Fiction, super heroic or 3D films. Recently the Hollywood biggie Hercules was released in India and today the film has completed its 1 Week journey on the Indian box office. Hercules is an American adventure movie which has been directed by Brett Ratner. The film features many famous and established actors of Hollywood film industry like Dwayne Johnson, Lan McShane, Reece Ritchie, Indrid Bolso Berdal, Joseph Fiennes and John Hurt. Hercules, set in Greece some 2500 years ago, features a pastiche of movie clichés that have been honed to a fine, armor-piercing point over many decades of filmmaker. And as complimentary, the film did fantastic in the international screens and its performance in India is also great. Within 1 week the film has collected good figures from the Indian theatres and multiples.

Hercules Total 1 Week Collection in India

As Hercules was released in 3D shows also, so the Indian audience went in good numbers to watch it. Total 1 Week Box Office Collection of Hercules is pretty straight forward ad has not been too much affected by the Bollywood biggie Kick. This is due to the fact that Indian audiences have mostly loved Hollywood movies ad Indian theatres are great platform for good business for the international films. Total 1 Week Indian Collection of Hercules is around 15.5 Crores. This is a decent enough amount and the film is still running which means that it has got much more to do and show us in the coming days. This weekend might add some profits for the film by doing a favorable business.