Highway 5th Day Total Collection: 5 Days Total Box Office Report

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Highway 5th Day Box Office Collection

As by now Imtiaz Ali much hyped movie Highway has completed its 4 days on box office, today being its 5th day there are not much expectations for it of being productive in figures. Movie has not winded in the expected way in domestic as well as on the overseas screens. Being flat right from its first day of release on box office, its occupancy level has been a major drop and disappointment for the audience who waited so much for this movie as well its film makers who were expecting splendid performance from it. It has shown 25-30% occupancy in many multiplexes but the case was much worse in the single screens where most of the theaters seemed occupied even less than a half of cinema halls. On its 5th day too, morning shows were a great failure but somehow the evening shows seem to be little hopeful and bring collections.

Highway 1st Tuesday Collection

Being a youthful movie, it did not even showed excitement among the young audience in malls and multiplexes. First day collection of the flick was a sign to a show everyone that what they are expecting from highway is not going to happen. First weekend box office collection was also not much good or satisfactory and stood at very ordinary figure. Highest collections of this film were on Sunday which was the main weekend day. Even that day it did not showed up very superbly but the collections were at least better the the rest days. 5th day i.e Tuesday which is obviously a weekday so there are not much high predictions regarding 5th day collections to be awesome or any increment in the ongoing business. Expected 5th day business of the film is estimated to be around 2 Crores. As this Friday new films are releasing so there are only 2-3 days for Highway to get back on its track.

Highway 1st Day (Friday) Collection: 3.42 Crores
Highway 2nd Day (Saturday) Collection: 4.8 Crores
Highway 3rd Day (Sunday) Collection: 5.75 Crores
Highway 4th Day (Monday) Collection: 3.2 Crores
Highway 5th Day (Tuesday) Collection: 2 Crores
Highway 5 Days Total Collection: 19.17 Crores (Estimated)

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