Holiday 9th Day Collection- 2nd Saturday Box Office Business Report

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Holiday Ninth Day Box Office Response

Holiday movie in its eighth day is running with great box office response also and already crossed collection in the range of 70 Crores. The movie finally beats Kangana Ranaut’s movie Queen and become fourth highest grosser movie of the year 2014. It is expected the Holiday  movie will crossed 100 Crores box office collection in second weekend. In 1st week holiday movie total collection is around 69.04 Crores and 8th day business has added up good figures to the grand total of Eight days. Audiences have loved the performances by Akshay Kumar in the character of an army person as well as the part played by the villain is commendable and very surprisingly great. Sonakshi Sinha has been appreciated like always for her charming presence in the film. It is very good to see that after a good time, some relevant and nice movie has released and been capable to entertain most of the viewers all over the country. Let’s look into the final figures of 9th day collection of Holiday movie below.

Holiday Second Saturday Total Collection

Holiday has surpassed Queen and now audience is eager to watch whether the film breaks other records it not in the coming days. Apart from all this, ninth day box office collection of Holiday is quite satisfactory and stands at 6.30 Crores. Tomorrow is the main weekend day so it can rise up once again on second Sunday and collect some handsome money by the whole day. The movie has seen very favorable audience response before the release and after the release so it has earned good name in the Bollywood list of top grosser of this year. Yet there is another week in front of Holiday so we have to see how the film shows does in the coming third week.

Friday Collection- 12.18 Cr
Saturday Collection- 12.34 Cr
Sunday Collection- 16.80 Cr
Monday Collection- 8.75 Cr
Tuesday Collection- 7.05 Cr
Wednesday Collection- 6.18 Cr
Thursday Collection- 5.74 Cr
Friday Collection- 4.34 Cr

8 Days Total- 73.38 Cr

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