I (Ai) 10th Day Collection- Vikram’s magic is still working

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I 10th Day Public Response

ai movie collection

Fever of the recent south Indian movie I is on good level these days. All the audience over the Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh etc – major dominated regions of Tamil and Telugu, are enjoying the dual versions of this film i.e. in Telugu and Tamil. The film released 10 days ago on box office has been doing very well on the big screen till now.

Today is the 10th day for the film on the screens and the total business of the film is outstanding counting today also in the list. How so ever due to 1 week passed already, total occupancy and public response for the film has dropped considerably but right now owing to weekend time, there is decent feedback from the public towards this romantic action entertainer.

Second Friday Collection of “I”

I starring south Indian popular stars and in addition to its Bollywood entry in Hindi has managed to entertain the audience with great numbers this weekend. The film made a huge business in its first day of release, first weekend and first week too. And after claiming nice figures in 1 week today we present you the 10th day collection of this nice film.

Total 10th day i.e. its second Friday income is around 4.1 Crores. It was running on a sole competition in its first week and now is expected to get a share with upcoming movies in south in coming days. So overall audience might be divided from coming days and new entry might snatch screens and audience as well from the past week dominating I.