Jai Ho 9th Day Collection | Jai Ho 9 Days Total Box Office Collection

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Jai Ho Ninth Day Box Office Collection

All in all it is a pretty disappointing first week for a big movie Like Jai Ho to stand on such box office figures after so high expectations and especially hard is the difference between Dhoom 3 and Jai Ho the distributors paid prices expecting collections like Dhoom 3 and that is why they are facing huge losses. As previously said, it now completely depends on how the second weekend goes for the movie to see where the movie ends up finally on the list of Bollywood. Nowadays competition for listing higher on box Office has become very difficult for every film to stay on the top. Jai Ho could not manage to hold the reputation at the expected level of the audience and its film makers. The film is not a complete loss but also not awesome. Jai Ho Overseas Collection also received a mixed response. This time people didn’t like the different style of Salman Khan.

Jai Ho 9 Days Total Business Report

    • Jai Ho 1st Day Collection- Rs. 17.55 Crores
    • Jai Ho 2nd Day Collection- Rs. 16.25 Crores
    • Jai Ho 3rd Day Collection- Rs. 26.25 Crores
    • Jai Ho 4th Day Collection- Rs. 9.5 Crores
    • Jai Ho 5th Day Collection- Rs. 7.3 Crores
    • Jai Ho 6th Day Collection- Rs. 6.5 Crores
    • Jai Ho 7th Day Collection- Rs. 5 Crores
    • Jai Ho 8th Day Collection- Rs. 4.5 Crores

This Friday Abhay Deol starrer One by Two is releasing. Now it would be seen that One by Two affects Jai Ho Business or not? Although, along with Jai Ho some other Hollywood films are also running such as Paranormal Activity 5 (2014) etc, these might also indirectly affecting Jai Ho collection. Expected 9th day or 2nd Friday business expected from the film is 4 Crores. As there are no other good movies options for the audience so it may drive the public towards Jai Ho theaters.