Jal Movie 1 Week Total Box Office Collection- 7 Days Total Business Report

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1 Week Box Office Response of movie Jal

Released with positive reviews and lesser expectations, the emotional cum sensitive drama Jal is now surviving its 1st week on box office. It has now been one full week since this Bollywood movie has released on the theaters and cinema halls. Jal lacks star power and high publicity that is why most of the audience did not know about the release of this film. Also the serious script and scarcity of romantic or youthful factor in the movie was a major flip point for it and resulted in taking away all the audience to other movie like Main Tera Hero which is doing fabulous and Captain America which is the latest Hollywood release. Jal has covered up its production cost somehow and now when it is the time to make profit figures; it has become ultimately difficult for the film to sustain itself from the competition and lesser number of public.

7 Days Total Business of Jal

Though there are some negative issues regarding the film but still it is onetime watchable easily for those who love nature, drama and are not romance-holic. This unique location and script based venture takes the audience to a smoothing journey set in the Rann of Kutch with the pivoting point around a water scarcity facing village and a god gifted guy Bakka who has power of searching water. With all the essence of true acting, some audiences have appreciated this effort and initial as was seen in super hit movie Lagaan. Due to this effect 7th day box office collection of Jal has rise up little better than yesterday and stands at near 15 lacs making its first Week Total Box Office Collection to amount 2.5 Crores.

Contrary to the fact that it is not a romance based movie still it comprises of romantic note between the lead actor and two female actresses of the film showing a love triangle to an extent. There are really shocking facts and notions in the film which amaze the audience regarding the village life etc. First week has shown a below average performance by Jal we don’t hope it to survive much longer on the box office race.