Kaanchi 3rd Day Collection- Third Day (Sunday) Box Office Report

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Kaanchi First Weekend Collection

Kaanchi- The Unbreakable was released worldwide on 25th of April. Under the Mukta Arts banner, directed by Subhash Ghai, this movie still could not stand at par with the expectations. Though this movie depicted immense women power, still it failed to create a mark in industry. Boomed with unappreciated remarks and failed critic reviews, Kaanchi could not cross the single digit collection. Kaanchi is the story of rural India, and the injustice prevailing over there. It is a fight for right and womanhood. In the lead role is newcomer Indrani Chakraborty and Kartik Tiwari. This was supposed to be the debut for Indrani who played the character of Mishti in the film. With a different and unique script, this one by Subhash Ghai should have crossed the 10 crore mark. Subhash Ghai has always enchanted us by his unusually lovingly scripts and plots. Maybe the audience did not fir well with the casting of the lead roles. Provided belowe is the total earning of the movie day wise.

Kaanchi 3rd Day Box Office Collection Report

Talking about the Kaanchi 3rd day report, it is expected the film to fetch nearly 1.5 Crores if the increasing trend continues. Due to low budget of the film of 19 Crores, it could not be released worldwide hence adding to less gains this weekend. Earnings are quite low for the movie if we ignore the budget. But considering the budget of the movie, this seems to be quite a perfect earning for the movie.

At the end of the 1st weekend Kaanchi could gather as much as of 3 Crores Approx.

Moving to public response, it has been wavy since the first day. Some reports have shown the public to like the script while some have shown the movie to be majorly disliked by the viewers. Second day response did rise a bit following with the 3rd day response to be plain. Occupancy too have been quite low on the opening day pertaining to just 15% on an average. Metros have shown a considerable occupancy of 55-60% occupancy for Kaanchi.

Risk factors include NO GOOD PROMOTION of the movie earlier, the lead actors lacking charm and another blockbusters still running successfully in the theatres. All these have majorly impacted the earnings for the movie. No doubt, the script has been wonderfully written and the songs are perfectly made, but this is not only what bollywood demands. A healthy star cast and promotion along with a perfect time for release is necessary for good earnings. Let us wait for the first week collection. Hope this “unbreakable” gets some record breaking responses.