Kaanchi 5th Day Collection- Fifth Day Box Office Business Report

[Total: 1 Average: 4]

Tuesday Performance of Kaanchi at Box Office

With an average opening on box office, the latest release Kaanchi has not been able to fare any remarkable amount till now. Kaanchi is a fairly expensive proposition for its makers with costs in the range of around 12 Crores. On the other hand the business being made by the film is not way closer to this cost. It could not see much ruse in the collection in the first weekend and also the audience response started declining just after the Sunday on a grand note. Public has liked the performance of Mishti but still she could not hold up the viewers for long time in theaters. Well, it is worse for Mishti as this is his career first movie and she fails in start of his career. You all guys would feel said that famous director Subhash Ghai movie becomes flop and looks that this movie will becomes biggest flop of Subhash Ghai production’s. Kaanchi 1st weekend box office collections wad simply ‘the poor’ since the overall total in four days is simply much disappointing.

Kaanchi 5th Day Box Office Collection

As the business days have started, now the film is facing the real sufferings. On one hand it is facing tough competition from the previous release 2 States and simultaneous release Revolver Rani, and on the other hand cold response of public towards Kaanchi has all added up in big loss for the film. On its 5th working day, box office collection of Kaanchi stands at 0.98 Crore which is a pitiful figure according to the expected level of performance. It really seems even from Kaanchi 1st weekend box office collections that this film will hardly slip into second week. If it does, it would be a miracle. Well, all the cast and makers of this movie are very upset with this movie. You guys would also not go to happy to see Subhash Ghai movie as flop. The makers are doing all which they can do for increasing box office collection of Kaanchi movie.