Kick 2nd Day Overseas Collection- USA, UAE, Pakistan & Sri Lanka

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Kick Second Day Box Office Collection (Overseas)

Because of the Eid occasion, Salman Khan latest action packed film Kick has received record breaking response and income all over the parts of country, but this is not enough, the film has also been supported in overseas countries too by his fans and crazy audience. Though the movie has done stupendous job in the domestic market, but comparing its performance in the international screens then Kick has lost bit of its viewers and business in second day as compared to the opening day income and performance internationally. The film opened today with very good occupancy and public response but not the aggregate, it was not that high as was predicted after the huge performance on its opening day everywhere. Below we have state the second day overseas collection of Kick in the following countries.


Kick received good public response in the USA due to huge fan followers of Salman out there who were eagerly waiting for his blockbuster film. Although the total income of Kick shows bit drop even after the weekend time in the international cinema, the overall performance of the film has been decent enough. The 2nd day collection of Kick in USA has been stated around 2.46 Crores.


Despite of the good audience taste for Indian movies especially the Khan’s films; Salman Khan Kick seems not to have that much big impression on the overseas markets as in the domestic screens. UAE region has showed a good but not very high business for Kick in the second day. Film earned more figures on the opening day in comparison to the Saturday as the second Day Income of Kick in UAE is 1.75 Crores.

Pakistan & Sri Lanka

Audience in Pakistan have liked kick movie a lot and they showed a positive attitude for the film on the second day too. The opening of Kick was hilarious in Pakistan and the second day also brought decent business in its account. Occupancy was positive and ranged between 30-40% and total Saturday Income of Kick in Pakistan today is around 1 Crore.

Sri Lankan public has liked the content of the film but Kick has not proved to be a very impressive biggie in the overseas countries including Sri Lanka also in the list. It is only the second day of release and the film has showed a drop in its business and performance considering the first day income higher than today. Second Day Income Report of Kick in Sri Lanka shows total business of 91 Lacs approximately.

Note: Above stats are estimated figures, on the basis of  multiplexes reports and in Indian National Rupee.