Kick 3rd Weekend Total Collection- 18th Day Business Report

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Kick 3rd Weekend Performance

With so much appreciation from the public Kick had managed to make many of the records in the whole journey. The film is now on the end of its 3rd weekend and the performance done by it was quite cool. Good growth was detected in the cinema halls and theatres in comparison to the past weekdays occupancy.  Still after so many days of the release of the movie, it is getting people to watch the movie which is good for the movie to survive at the Box Office. The movie had crossed 224 Crores, which is the highest collection of the year. Third weekend saw nice public response on the general and there were positive reviews from the viewers. All the Salman Khan Fans followers are very satisfied with his performance in Kick and they found the film too entertaining and money’s worth. The film opened well today on its 18th working day and the audience out there in the halls was lesser than yesterday but still decent enough to bring a satisfactory income.

Kick 18th Day Box Office Collection Report

The movie had left good impact on the people as it has all the elements in it comedy, humor, romance, fantastic action and Salman Khan to conclude. Viewers who are to so big fans of him are also showing their interest in the movie which resulting in positive performance of Kick till its 18th day of release. Now the film has completed its 3rd weekend and the total income of Kick on its 18th day over box office is around 1.69 Crores. Film is now showing a downfall trend in its graph due to long gap now and also the presence of Akshay Kumar latest comedy Entertainment which is running successfully on the screens these days. Anyhow it hasn’t affected Kick to great extent but yes slowly and steadily Entertainment is snatching audience and income from Kick.

DayCollection (IND)
Friday26.5 Cr
Saturday27.15 Cr
Sunday30.18 Cr
Monday14.41 Cr
Tuesday (EID)28.89 Cr
Wednesday21.66 Cr
Thursday15.4 Cr
2nd Friday9.22 Cr
2nd Saturday10.62 Cr
2nd Sunday14.18 Cr
2nd Monday5.08 Cr
2nd Tuesday4.21 Cr
2nd Wednesday3.91 Cr
2nd Thursday3.80 Cr
3rd Friday1.97 Cr
3rd Saturday2.94 Cr
3rd Sunday3.92 Cr
3rd Monday1.69 Cr
3rd Tuesday1.35 Cr
3rd Wednesday1.10 Cr
3rd Thursday1.04 Cr
4th Friday53 Lacs
4th Saturday43 Lacs
4th Sunday61 Lacs
4th Monday36 Lacs
4th Tuesday22 Lacs
4th Wednesday18.5 Lacs
4th Thursday14 Lacs
5th Friday7 Lacs
5th Saturday9 Lacs
Total231.85 Cr*