Kick Collection on EID in India- 5th Day (Tuesday) Income Report

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Kick Performance & Box Office Response on Eid

Kick is the latest Bollywood film up in the theatres nowadays getting all the attention of the public. The film is actually the remake of the Telugu film with many adjustments. Jacqueline has also enjoyed working with Salman Khan as she quoted in an interview. People are crazy about his film and Kick is getting a great response which one can see already through the first weekend income report of Kick which is very superb. The critics and experts have also appreciated the film and are really applauding Salman Khan’s acting. It is the fifth day of release for Kick and Tuesday being the special eve of Eid, Kick has gained so much advantage from it that the income today raised to a great extent despite of weekday. People throughout the country enjoyed the day by watching the interesting and fascinating movie of our beloved superstar making the film do a fantastic business in Eid India. Indian income of Kick on Eid is too good and trade analysts refer the occasion to be the big reason for this big income figure.

Kick Collection on the day of Eid in India

Kick has gained the expected income today with very outstanding performance all over the Indian screens owing to the occasion of Eid festival.  Viewers were so anxious to watch the movie today that it ran houseful in most of the places. The income earned by Kick today on Eid has turned out as a great gift on Eid for all the crew members, film makers and star cast of Kick. Only the Indian collection today is so good that the film could not earn in any of the day in the first weekend, today it has collected around 28.89 Crores. This shows that Eid has come in total favor of Kick and that the viewers have found their own way of treat by watching this film. As Muslims forms a good part of India population & that now the Roza has also ended today so most of the Muslim viewers went for the movie resulting in increased occupancy and income on the whole.

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