Kick Verdict: Low Collection even after Highest Screens & Occupancy

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After having highest screens and occupancy, why kick collection is low?

The current Bollywood movie in the talk of the town – Kick is again in the news but for the different aspect this time. Where the film was being reviewed and predicted to be the biggest blockbuster of this year and to break the records of previous released films too, the film actually is not showing that performance at all. Though the film is performing well on the whole gut taking the expected level of reviews and hypes from Kick then it has not shown the predicted income in the first weekend. The 3 days (1st Weekend) collections are the third best all time after Chennai Express and Dhoom 3 and it is the highest weekend collections for a Salman Khan by miles. It beat Jai Ho weekend collections; Salman’s highest, by a big margin of 23 Crores which is huge. Everyone is trying to guess the exact reasons behind the low public box office collections of Kick even after so high excitement and occupancy.


Below are presenting our viewers some of the main reasons indicating the low worldwide and Indian income of Kick

Low Muslim Viewers Occupancy owing to their custom

One of the main reasons why Kick has not gained the desired occupancy and income is that most of the Muslim viewers did not go to watch this movie due to the Roza going on nowadays and that they are waiting for the custom to end on Eid so that they may watch the movie freely. This has resulted in a serious hindrance in the way of Kick to get the predicted income as Muslim audience holds a major part of the occupancy of Indian theatres especially the Khan’s films. It is expected that after completion of their Roza, they will be out for the film in the compete manner and the film might gain good growth afterwards.

Low Promotion of Kick on Facebook and Twitter by Salman Khan

Even an average release tries to make a good bond with the viewers through the social media especially by Facebook and Twitter. It has been reported that those movies which have good response and connection in social media from the viewers are likely to have higher public response in the actual box office. So this fact has turned out against Kick owing to Salman Khan’s low presence on the social media for his films. Though the film has released on so high number of screens but that does not makes the scene complete until the films do not connects with the audience. He did not pay much attention towards audience response online and this made the viewers feel low about the film resulting in the low occupancy of audience.

Maharashtra Screens occupied by Lai Bhaari

Yes, may appear as not a significant factor but in real sense Riteish Deshmukh starrer Marathi venture Lai Bhaari has came out as a strong reason behind the low collection of Kick. The film dominated the Maharashtra screens even in the third weekend which hindered Kick from taking on the screens here. Lai Bhaari rejected to leave screens in Maharashtra region for Kick and we all know that Maharashtra forms a great part of income for any biggie.

Salman Khan issues with the Media

It is also in news that due to some reasons there have been some issues between Salman Khan and the media as an effect of which most of the media boycotted Salman Khan these days. Media is the one that builds or ruins the image or audience interest for any personality or movie so media detention for Salman Khan’s Kick served as an additional factor for low income and response of Kick by the viewers even after such a great release.

Not so unique concept or content, as per some critics

One more reason according to the trade analysts and experts behind the lessened performance of Kick is that the audience did not found the film that much entertaining as was the buzz regarding it. As per the reviews we found that viewers enjoyed it a lot but comparing the hypes and buzz about the film, the actual story or movie is not that goose bumping or magnificent. It is an entertaining and interesting movie but not too unique or unpredictable and up to an extent this have also caused audience to show less excitement for Kick resulting in low occupancy and collection on the totality.

Note: This is report prepared on the basis of public views, you can also share your views here in comment section. We always appreciate that.