Kick vs Chennai Express- Box Office Collection Comparison Report

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Kick vs Chennai Express (Box Office Response)

It is no use of telling again and again about the Salman Khan latest venture Kick which is on everyone’s lips these days. Kick being the latest action cum thriller movie starring Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Randeep Hooda and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in lead roles has taken out its position again by the fifth day. The film to be compared with has one past competitor with it i.e. Shahrukh Khan’s comedy cum action venture Chennai Express.

Yes, both Kick and Chennai Express are way similar in many ways which tends the experts to compare both these flicks with each other. Starting from the release date then Kick has also hit the box office and theatres same time Chennai Express did – Eid occasion. Apart from it, both the movies are superb dose of action and it is the main highlight of both the movies and to be honest both are unique in their own ways. We saw that Chennai Express got record breaking response on box office within its first day, first weekend, first week and so on and so forth. We are seeing sort of similar response from the viewers towards Kick too.

Kick vs Chennai Express (Box Office Collection)

Alike Chennai Express which was released at last year Eid eve, Kick also entered the cinema near the time of Eid this current year. Comparing both these movies, then we found that the first weekend report of Chennai Express was higher than Kick owing to the high income. Chennai Express earned 33.12 Crores on Opening, 28.05 Crores on Second and 32.5 Crores on 3rd day. On the other side Kick business in the first weekend is comparatively lower i.e. 26.5 Crores on opening, 27.15 Crores on Day:2 and 30.18 Crores on Day:3. We can easily see the difference between the two films in the first weekend graph.

In addition to it Chennai Express earned 12.62 Crores on Day:4 and 11.5 Crores on Day:5 but Kick took the lead from here and earned higher income than Chennai Express after the first weekend. Due to Eid festival Kick made higher income in India and overseas market resulting in high income after the first weekend. Day:4 income of kick is around 14.41 Crores and Day:5 aggregated around 28.89 Crores.

It can be said that Chennai Express though opened much well than Kick but Salman Khan starrer movie gained back the position later in the first week and became much better. Though it is only based on first 5 days income and here are still many days to come for Kick and only then it can be finally judged that which in is bigger grosser – Kick or Chennai Express.

DayChennai ExpressKick
Day 133.12 Cr26.5 Cr
Day 228.05 Cr27.15 Cr
Day 332.5 Cr30.18 Cr
Day 412.62 Cr14.41 Cr
Day 511.5 Cr28.89 Cr
Day 612.56 Cr21.66 Cr
Day 719.6 Cr15.4 Cr
Day 86.5 Cr9.22 Cr
Day 98.51 Cr10.62 Cr
Day 1010.22 Cr14.18 Cr
Day 113.8 Cr5.08 Cr
Day 127.06 Cr4.21 Cr
Day 134.51 Cr3.91 Cr
Day 143.253.80 Cr
Day 15-3016.1 Cr16.64 Cr
Total227.13 Cr231.85 Cr*

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