Kick Worldwide 1st Day Collection in USA, UAE, Pakistan, Srilanka & India

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Kick First Day Worldwide Collection

Because of the occasion of Eid the occupancy of the latest Bollywood venture Kick has been record breaking in the Indian regions. This Salman Khan Starrer latest action packed movie has attracted the foreign audience too as the trailers were big hit in abroad also. Due to so much publicity and hypes regarding Kick before its release, this film is in huge attention of public in the foreign countries like USA, UAE etc. we have always seen that overseas markets have also many viewers for Indian movies and that there are many fans followers of Indian superstars in international places. Especially USA and UAE are known for showing Indian films at a good number of screens on overseas screens. Kick released today on 25 July 2014 on all the places in Indian international countries. Film opened fantastically and did good performance on its first day of release in the below countries.

USA (United States of America)

Kick has released on 4700+ screens worldwide so it is expected to make recording making business in the domestic and international box office. Salman Khan has good fan following in USA and hence he gained pretty well income in the region of USA today. The occupancy was decent considering it an Indian film and still it managed to collect 2.04 Crores.

UAE (United Arab Emirates)

In UAE the film was very much awaited by the viewers as Salman Khan movies are mostly shown with great excitement and response in this region.  Being the Eid occasion audience was so much eager to watch the film and the first day income of Kick in UAE was reported to be 1.63 Crores with around 50-60 % occupancy.


Pakistan being as Muslim country has got a very nice and superb gift from the Bollywood film industry through Salman Khan’s current super buzzed movie Kick as a gift of Eid. On the festive time of Eid, much of the viewers in Pakistan watched the film and they enjoyed quality time with their dear ones. Overall occupancy of Kick movie in Pakistan was recorded decent around 50% and the business done in the Pakistan by Kick is 86 Lacs today.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is quite like the Indian region and most of the blockbuster movies of India are shown in Sri Lankan cinemas with great response and excitement. The multiplexes and cinema halls in Sri Lanka has recorded a positive collection for Kick on the first day of release with 70 Lacs. The occupancy was also good enough as compared to the response for other Indian movies.


In India, Kick has started great at Box Office; no doubt movie will break all previous Bollywood records of year 2014. With the overall occupancy rate of 95% Kick has collected around 26.5 Crores from India. Read more…

Note- Above stats are estimated figures, on the basis of  multiplexes reports and in Indian National Rupee.