Kill Dil 11th Day Collection- 2nd Monday Business Report

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Kill Dil 11th Day Performance

kill Dil Box Office collection

Fully fledged with the aroma of action and fragrance of romance, the recent film Kill Dil is running in its second week at box office with its 11th day in hands today. After the hit movie Ram-Leela & Holiday, both the fans of Ranveer Singh and Govinda were expecting lot from this film but to be honest, the film has not shown us such performance as it has neither earned any blockbuster collections in total 11 days journey but has also not made a low income. Film has somewhat done as a good release and earned nice income in 11 days journey at box office.

It got good public response especially in the first week due to low competition. Low public craze for The Shaukeens and no competition made Kill Dil become audience choice in the first week with overall decent speed and favor.

Kill Dil 2nd Monday Business

Though this comedy flavored flick has also dropped its level of income and response from audience in the second week due to the release of Happy Ending anyhow it has still managed to hold some audience and it has overall collected around 0.86 Crore* on its 11th day of release as its income.

With the introduction of new film, chances of Kill Dil have become lesser but one positive point is that many loves Ranveer in humoristic roles hence few viewers are still opting for it, which is a good sign for the film to survive another week on box office. Being the weekdays commencing from today, film is suffering low public response and collections and would continue the same in the coming days.