Lingaa Total Income before Release- Gets 200 Cr Insurance Cover

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Lingaa movie total Budget

The most awaited Tamil film of the year 2014 Lingaa starring Rajinikanth and Sonakshi Sinha is all set to get released this Friday on 12 December 2014. It has got so many advantages with it, first of all the film features the hit names in lead roles. Secondly the super star Rajini is playing a double role in the film which is increasing excitement for the film. The film is in huge media buzz due it its one more important fact i.e. Huge Budget.

Yes Lingaa has been made on the highest budget till now among all the movies released this year at 150 Crores but what is taking attention is not the budget but instead of it the mega insurance cover that the film is getting. So this thing is really making his fans desperate about the movie. It is highest insured film of south Indian cinema till now by covering insurance for its production cost as well as Indian and overseas screens cost.

Lingaa got 200 Cr Production Cover Insurance

Lingaa has got audience eyes on it due to the latest news regarding its insurance cover which is around the too high figure of 200 Crores. Yes, fact is that reports reveal Lingaa as got the higher production insurance cover than other films of south India. This whole amount of 200 Crores covers many things and this has provided the film makers a great relief for sure in case of any unfavorable situation.

Insurance companies compensate film production houses for delays and losses due to adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, damage to property and injury to actors during shooting. Sudden illness among the main cast of the film due to food poisoning is also covered by such policies. Insurance as now have become norms of the film industry due to day to day incidents resulting in loss for the films. Overall, this news of 200 Crores mega insurance of the film has caught the attention of everyone nowadays.