M3 Midsummer Midnight Mumbai 2nd Day Collection- Second Day BO Report

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Second Day Box Office Performance of M3 Midsummer Midnight Mumbai

Among the three Bollywood movies that released yesterday on box office, M3 Midsummer Midnight Mumbai is one movie with newer and debut star cast. The film is based on a total romance, thriller and suspense genre along with some adult level scenes. The film has been directed by Braj Bhushan and features many actors and actresses like Sara Khan, Paras Chhabra, M A Guddu, Pooja Thakur, Kiran Kumar, Milind Gunaji, Pramod Moutho, Raju Kher, Mushtaq Khan, Shiva Rindan, Dileep Sinha, Brijesh Tripathi, Suman Gupta in lead and supportive roles. The film has not been promoted much and also the audience did not love the trailers so already the opening day response was low for the movie. On its first day release the film did performance of just a washout flick and could not reap any beneficiary response from the audience. It has emerged out as a non – entertaining and useless release. The stuff is not being liked by the audience and there is extra adult factor present which is not required by the script.

Saturday BO Collection Midsummer Midnight Mumbai

After getting view of many back points about this film, it is very easy for the audience to make a clear picture in their mind about the second day performance of the film also to be dull. The film is just trying to survive in the starting days and first weekend journey also seems so difficult for it. It has collected overall 0.75 Crore on its second day and shows the negative response of public for the film. Well after saying so much, we don’t need to explain much about this movie and there is one big advice to the audience that if you really want to go for a movie then go for Godzilla first, then The Xpose and after that if you don’t feel to go for Romeo Ranjha then better to do something else than to watch M3 Midsummer Midnight Mumbai.