M3: Midsummer Midnight Mumbai 1st Weekend (Sunday) Collection

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Midsummer Midnight Mumbai 1st Weekend Box Office Report

M3 is in itself a difficult name for the film and a tongue twister for me at least. Let us brief you about the story. It happens in the middle of some summer night that a man walks up to some distant police station to report his own murder. The cops are astounded by this approach and not only they find his dead bosy but also some phone calls from him, checking on the investigation. Detective mind you see for the dead soul! Some sort of paranormal story it seems in the starting and the events manage to keep you well intrigued with what will happen next until some love triangle jumps in and spoils the whole plot. From cops interrogating the murder we are suddenly transported into a world of multiple songs and romances that is enough to spoil your mood. In the lead are Big- Boss participant Sara Khan and Paras Chhabra. The squeaky actress looks too small in front of muscled hero. The hero seems is supposed to be an aspiring singer but he seems not less than some struggling actor from Lokhandwala. I guess the only best thing about the movie is the songs sung by Udit Narayan. Finally, this man gets some recognition eventually.

Under the direction of Braj bhushan and Gudnet production, the film will suppose to thrill you for 2 hours and 15 minutes. First day collection for the movie came to be about near 70 lacs. Second day gave it somewhere near 75 lacs and 3rd day is surely bringing it to not more than 80 lacs.

Midsummer Midnight Mumbai M3 total first weekend collection turns out to be 2.25 crores. A grand achievement indeed! Spoiler’s alert- Do not go in the theatre empty hand! Carry pop-corns. It would surely make your time fly if the film does not.

Hard luck for the movie!