Mahabharata Movie Opening Day Box Office Collection Report

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Mahabharata Opening Day Box Office

On this Friday, the box office does not seem to be much entertained by release of any Bollywood biggie or huge film. Last Friday, Bollywood blockbuster Aamir Khan Starrer movie Dhoom 3 was released on a very wide banner. However, this Friday looks to be occupied by small budget and not so popular movies. Today, one of the films released is the animated version of the epical story ‘Mahabharata’.

This movie Mahabharata as depicted by its name has been made on the historical story of Mahabharata epic in a newer way. In this movie, Bollywood actors and actresses have performed and played the characters of Mahabharata in animated version. Earlier also, many animated movies have been produced by different film makers on the related topics of history. Star cast of this animated version of Mahabharata are Anil Kapoor, Vidya Balan, Anupam Kher, Ajay Devgan and many other talented and famous actors of Bollywood section. The film is focusing on the kid’s audience especially and thereby the movie has been made in animated version to attract most of the kids audience.

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Mahabharata being an animated version will surely attract the younger audience and obviously their families will come together so it can be an advantage. But on the contrary note, this movie is a treat to only kids and younger generation and the youth or older ones will not be enjoying the animated version much. So this can act as a great disadvantage for the film. But as the star cast this time is very selective and also established in Bollywood, so might audience may enjoy this animated Bollywood twist in this animated epical movie.

The film is releasing on not very pretty number of cinema screens. Being an animated movie of good quality, budget of the film is obviously quite high. Opening Day Box Office Collection of Mahabharata is expected to be around 8 Crores. This movie can do better till the other films gets released on box office in New Year.

Opening Day Box Office Collection of Mahabharata: 8 Crores (Expected).


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