Manjunath,Koyelaanchal,Yeh hai bakrapur Third (3rd) Day Box Office Collection

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Manjunath 3rd Day Box Office Performance

Shanmugan Manjunath, a 27 year old sales manager working with Indian Oil corporation, was brutally murdered in 2005 for exposing the oil mafia in UP. One of the least promoted film this week, Manjunath surprises you with its thought provoking, hard- hitting content and earnest execution. An ode to brave heart Manjunath, an IIM Lucknow graduate, the movie intends to carry forward the late whistle blower’s battle against the system. This biopic is worth applauding as it goes beyond the obvious. It doesn’t merely recount crucial events of Manju’s life. It tries to analyse what went through his mind befire he decided to wage war against corruption and face its gruesome consequences in the form of death.

Lead actor Sasho Satiysh does complete justice to his titular role. The film drags in second part with little over than 2 hours of running time. It is directed by Sandeep varma.

Its collection so far, are as follows:

Manjunath Total 1st weekend collection: 0.50 Cr (Approx)

Koyelaanchal 3rd Day Box Office Performance

It is packaged as a saga of the coal mafia of Dhanbad, Jharkhand, but it is actually just another tale of how an honest government officer takes on a crime lord. Direction is by Ashuu Trikha and in the lead are Vinod Khanna, Suneil Shetty and Vippino.

It lacks a proper story and so proper ratings for itself. From coal mafia to collector’s baby to karua;s chance of heart to maoist movements, you keep wondering what the film is about. Characters jump in and out of the film randomly. The action scenes are poorly executed and the sound effects are terrible. Though having a strong presence both Vinod Khanna and Suneil Shetty are awfully wasted. Vippino stands with maximum footage which he fails to deliver.

Koyelaanchal Total 1st weekend collection: 0.83 Cr (Approx.)

Yeh hai bakrapur 3rd Day Box Office Performance

It is a social satire on the backdrop of the ancient customs prevailing in rural India. It is about the family in a village that owns a goat and with time, the so called lillte animal gains the popularity as a rockstar of the village. It is from here onwards that the fight for its piece begins by every household there in the village.

This film has seen poor response since the opening day due to poor star cast and low promotions. This low budget film is not able to recover its expenses.

Yeh Hai Bakrapur Total Box Office Collection for 1st weekend: 2.25 Cr