Margarita with a Straw – Mr X 3rd Day Collection: 1st Weekend Report

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Mr.X & Margarita with a Straw Sunday Collection Report

Margarita with a Straw; not starring any big name or star power associated with it except Kalki, did below average business on its first weekend in spite of nice acclamation internationally. Though film has got a strong script and that is what has been loved by the audience but overall it lagged behind others throughout the weekend. Most of the viewers appreciated firstly the story, and secondly the performance given by the lead actors. On the other hand Emraan Hashmi once again got limelight on him with his good acting skills.


His latest film Mr.X that released Friday offers a good entertaining time and once who likes him and thriller genre seemed in the theatres. Both films were not seen getting high response or occupancy but Mr.X stood much better with third day collection of 5.10 crores whereas Margarita with a Straw could only manage to have 0.90 crore on third day. Now first weekend income of former has become approx. 13.99 crores and that of latter is only 2.12 crore. At most, this film is a treat for youngsters and friends and this fact can help it in coming days of the weekend.

Here Margarita with a Straw was not seen getting any attention from the public in India seriously, sort of similar but better response was noticed towards Emraan’s Mr.X. On a common note, except Emraan both films have not any high star powered star cast that is why they have not received too favorable response from the audience. Also, they did not released on much high number of screens so it also affected the overall performance of the films in weekend.

Public could be seen interested in Mr.X up to an extent  but not outstandingly due to not so exciting or fascinating facts about the film. It seems that this Friday releases are not so powerful and audience is not much satisfactory with the films. Now with weekdays the collections & occupancy are expected to fall.

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